School Timings

Class Play Group – Nursery 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Class Prep: 7:30 am - 2:00 pm
Class I – V [summer]: 7:30 am - 3:00 pm



Saturday & Sunday are observed as off days. Parents are requested to take their holidays during the regular school holidays rather than during the term, because absence hinders progress at every level in the school. However, in cases where it is unavoidable, one week’s advance notice of holidays should be given in writing to the Administrator. Parents will be notified of the half-term and public holidays at the beginning of every term through the school calendar.

  Snack Time

The students are given a snack break during school hours. A snack schedule is sent home at the beginning of the year in order to ensure that wholesome and healthy snacks are brought in to school. Sank Time includes table manners; recitation of before & after eating dua; eating etiquettes along with proper use of tableware


We at Bluebells mark the occasion with a birthday song and celebration. However, parents are welcome to bring a special treat for their child’s birthday. Goody bags and give-aways are not permitted to be distributed in school.

Parent Teacher Meetings

Six scheduled parent’s teacher meeting throughout the academic session. Parent Teacher Meeting will be planned for individuals upon request to discuss child’s progress. Parents will be invited to form Parents Association/Committee & they will be responsible to actively participate in school activities


We put great emphasis on positive values such as respect, dignity, trust and self-control. If a child breaks a rule or behaves in an inappropriate manner, then we make it clear to him or her both that it is wrong and why it is wrong. If the behavior causes concern repeatedly, then we will inform the parents and a meeting will be arranged to discuss how to put the matter right.

School Uniform

No uniform for pre- school i.e. Play Group & Nursery. Parents are requested to ensure that their children are in neat and clean dress with proper hair cut/ style.



It is the parent’s responsibility to inform the school immediately if a child becomes ill. Parents are requested to keep their children at home until they are well enough to attend school to minimize the spread of any infectious disease. If the child becomes ill during the school day, parents will be notified promptly and the child will be cared for until a parent or designated person comes to pick up the child. Parents are responsible for keeping the school informed about emergency telephone numbers and it is expected that sick children will be picked up promptly upon notification. Please make sure your child is fully fit before returning to school

Medical Attention

We will not administer non-prescriptive or prescriptive medicine to children. We do, however, appreciate that in certain circumstances – as in the case of asthmatic children – immediate attention in the form of inhalers may well be required. Kindly label your child’s medicine and leave it with the Administrator. We ask all parents to complete the school’s Medical Form prior to the child starting school and any necessary medicine for emergency purposes must be noted on the form.

Emergency Treatment

The school has a well-equipped First Aid box and all staff has been given basic First Aid training. In the event of a serious accident, parents or the emergency contact noted on the Medical form will be telephoned immediately.